Announcement of Adding German IDN Registration in Generic Domain Names


Taiwan Network Information Center
Announcement of Adding German IDN Registration in Generic Domain Names

Announced on 8/16/2019

A. Registration Detail:

1. Structure of German Domain Name
Example: schö
Top Level: tw
2nd Level: schön

2. Requirements of German IDN:

2-1. German IDN shall consist of characters specified within the scope of the .tw German IDN table (, and it shall consist of at least 1 non-ASCII character in combination, and it can also include 26 alphabetical characters in either upper or lower cases, numerical characters of 0-9 and connection symbol (-).

2-2. The dash (-) shall not exist at the first position or the last position. Neither shall it exist in consequence at the 3rd and 4th positions.

2-3. German IDN shall include at least 3 characters. After punycode conversion shall not exceed 63 characters.

B. Launch of German IDN registration:
From 14:30 of September 17, 2019 (Taipei time, GMT+8)

C. Dispute Resolution:
Applicants must agree that if their registered domain name has a dispute with a third party, it will be resolved according to the related rules stated in the “Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy” and “Rules for the TWNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy”.

D. Other unmentioned issues will be announced on TWNIC website at any time.


Please refer to the website of this service for further details:



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